Frequently asked questions

Can add a video to a CMS?

Yes. MedinaPROcms allows you add videos from Youtube™, Vimeo™ and DailyMotion™. It´s so easy. Only need to copy the url of the video and paste in the block, MedinaPROcms will add automatically the embed code.

Can add an images slider?

Yes. MedinaPROcms allows you upload and select as many images as you want to create a slider. There is no image size limitations.

Also take care about load times, more images and bigger causes longer loading times.

Can create a gallery?

Yes. You can upload images and create a gallery in a CMS page. There is no limit for the numbers of images, but take care about loading times. A lot of images will increase this.

What kind of content can i add?

  • Rich text
  • Images
  • Sliders
  • Galleries
  • Products
  • Call 2 Action
  • Bestsellers sliders
  • Bestsellers by category
  • Advanced lists (this block)
  • Large icons with text
  • Youtube videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • DailyMotion videos

Is easy to use?

MedinaPROcms has been developed thinking in user. It is extremely easy to use. There is no need of programming skills. Even a child can use it.

How i preview what im doing?

MedinaPROcms has a live preview tab included. So you can work easy and fast and preview at the same time. MedinaPROcms for Prestashop relies on AJAX, so there is no lapses between editing and live preview.

Can i customize?

MedinaPROcms is fully css customizable. Also comes with 8 predesigned themes created by professionals that works perfect with all templates.

What happens with my old CMS?

MedinaPROcms has been designed and developed to keep your old CMS content safe. Your old CMS will work as usual, and if you edit them you will use the old editor, however all new CMS created from the installation of MedinaPROcms will use the new powerful editor.

Is compatible with other modules?

Yes, except for those modules that overrides cmscontroller (The modules from Prestashop addons shop doesnt override anything).

What versions are compatible?

MedinaPROcms is compatible with PrestaShop, Prestashop, Prestashop, Prestashop, Prestashop


  • Responsive store theme
  • Prestashop or higher

What happens if i delete a block?

When you delete a block in MedinaPROcms it goes to trash, so you can recover and reuse it whenever you want. Also you can discard it from the trash and delete permanently.

How it works with SEO?

Default S.E.O. options are the same as in the Prestashop CMS, this is you can add MetaTitle, MetaDescription, Keywords and friendly URL. Also when adding images you can add and edit the "alt" attribute.

Why MedinaPROcms?

Extemely faster interface
Content fully responsive
Incredibly easy to use by everyone
MultiStore, Multilang!

What can i do with MedinaPROcms

  • Landing Pages
  • Product presentation pages
  • F.A.Q. sections
  • Installation manuals page
  • Promotion pages
  • Customers experiences pages
  • Corporative pages

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