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Trust in shops makes sales bigger. Thanks to MedinaPROcms you can tell your customers how real is your shop and how hard you work to mantain quality and service with your customers. A lot of case studies has demonstrated that the customers will leave an order if they have not trust with the seller. 

Why MedinaPRO

S.E.O, but now U.X.O.

"User experience optimization"

These are some types of content that can be created with MedinaPROcms

Powerful landing pages.
Promotions page. Show vouchers, conditions, special products...
Products selection. Thanks to the product block you can create pages with a manual selection of products.
Customer experiences, instructables, events descriptions, corporates websites
  • Easy to use
  • Fully responsive design
  • No skills needed
  • Rich text, images and video
  • Fast. A page like this in 10min.
  • Compat.. with latest PS versions
  • Safe autosave
  • Live preview and Real preview
  • Sortable rows
  • Resizable columns

Designers will love it

Because themes are fully css customizable and creating the structure and adding the content is extremely fast. Save money integrating shops and catalogs thanks to the powerful MedinaPROcms.

Agencys fall in love

The first grid editor easy to use. An end user can handle it without external help, so forget all this customer service call asking about how to add an image at right, how to add a video.... Fast, easy, reliable.

Shop ceo´s will desire it

Because MedinaPROcms allows you to create powerful content for your shop without writing a single line of code, indeed, without knowing what is code, because it simplicity and performance.

Virtual and real preview. MedinaPROcms relies in AJAX, so virtual preview renders instantly without reloading or refreshing the page. So you can design and work faster than ever.

MedinaPROcms uses the famous grid system "Bootstrap". But creating rows and columns is now easy as never before. Skills are not needed. Even a child can create an awesome page in a few minutes.

A lot of themes comes included with MedinaPROcms. Designed by experts in CSS to get the best performance and appearance for your design.

Get MedinaPROcms now!

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