Save time

MedinaPROcms workflow is so simple that allows you make your time more profitable. It has a unique grid management system that is powerful and faster.

Basically is a graphical user interface for bootstrap and prestashop but with some advantages that make it better for designers. It is based on themes fully customizable by css. Also allow custom styles on rows. 

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Page created with medinaPROcms

Copy&Paste, your new bestfriend!

Now convert your customers documents into beautiful pages is much easier.

MULTILANG. Can create a different content and structure for each language.
RESPONSIVE. Each design adapt to all screen sizes.
Real preview and virtual live preview, in one click
  • Images
  • Rich text
  • Sliders
  • Gallery
  • Icons
  • Products
  • Videos

In the studio

Saving time in the studio means more time for other projects, means more profit per hour. That is why MedinaPROcms have a really short R.O.I. (Return of investment). Case studies have demonstrated that the time spended creating static content with normal Prestashop™ cms editor is at least three times more expensive that the MedinaPROcms.

After the studio

This is the best part. MedinaPROcms is so easy that your customers can use it after deliver the project to their hands. And thanks to it design your customers will never break your design because their access to customization is limted and controlled by css. Don´t fear "Comic Sans", it is not allowed, is impossible to add in MedinaPROcms.  Hundreds of end customers are using MedinaPROcms without having read the manual.

  • Landing pages
  • Corporate pages
  • Testimonials pages
  • Product presentation pages

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Did you know...

 ...MedinaPROcms includes a saving protection system against accidental shutdowns?

On each change of your design MedinaPROcms saves a copy into a temporal memory, so if you have closed without saving can recover your work. For example: Your battery goes off and your pc shutdown. Don´t worry, your work is´n lost. The next time you edit the cms will can recover your work. ¡It´s awesome!

How i customize it?

MedinaPROcms is CSS based. CSS are managed as themes. Also comes with an emtpy theme with all CSS names empty so you can customize all.

Can i customize a row?

Yes, each row can be customized with 3 predefined classes (not at the same time) or with a custom class. So you can change the aspect of the elements inside a row.

Do i need know programming?

NO. To use MedinaPROcms there is not need to know programming or design. It is so easy to use even a child can use it.