User´s manual

Crear un cms avanzado en Prestashop

Create a CMS

Once the module is installed go to left menu, to preferences > cms

Click on the top right button "Add new CMS". This is the same procedure as Prestashop to create a simple cms. But now, with MedinaPROcms will be an advanced and easy panel.

When creating a new CMS will see a rectangle with a cross inside. When clicked allow us add a row of content.

Select the structure

Now let´s set the columns. There is some formats available. If this doesn´t comply your needs can edit it later with dragging the borders of the block.

Now we have the empty blocks to add content. Click a block to select the kind of content.

Podemos elegir los distintos tipos de elementos disponibles. Cada elemento es un grupo con más opciones. Por ejemplo, si hacemos click en imágen podemos elegir entre una sola imágen, una galería o un slider.

Previsualizar cms en Prestashop

Preview CMS

In the top bar, at center there are buttons to view editor, virtual preview and, if cms has been saved, real preview. Also in the cog icon can configure all cms parameters. Also enable and disable the columns of prestashop.

CMS translations

In the top bar, at right is the language bar. Change the language allows customize the structure for itself. Or well, copy the structure from other language so only translate texts.

Can copy all the structure and content of a language to other by clicking in the button on the bottom left side of the page. This button is only visible when the target language structure is empty.

Change theme

In virtual preview could select wich theme use for the content. This setting will be set only for the current CMS opened in editor. In the configuration screen of the module (Modules & services > Procms[configure]) can select wich theme will be aplied by default to all cms (except those who have customized).