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No skills needed to add an icon
A lot of icons are sorted by category, like for ex; Rating
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This is a custom style row. You can easily change the appearance of a row by selecting an special class. Each Row can have up to 3 styles different (Not at the same time, obviusly).  This allows you further customization for your content. Remember that this page is fully created with MedinaPROcms, the best cms tool Prestashop®.

Searching for more icons?

There are more than 500 icons in FontAwesome, library wich is included with Prestashop®, and so on, with MedinaPROcms.

But MedinaPROcms is evolving continuosly, so there may be more icons collections in the future.

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Row Style 2

Again another different style. This is to capture your customers attention.

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Row Style 3

This is another row with another style, combine as you need inside your cms.